42nd AIVC-10th TightVent
& 8th Venticool Conference

October 5-6, 2022

Hilton Hotel

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Conference Scope

More than ever in the past, climate change and the transition to carbon neutrality are at the center of many countries´ policies and research programmes. The building sector plays a crucial role in achieving these goals, considering the carbon emissions attributed to buildings’ construction and operation, and its potential for better energy performance. At the same time the COVID-19 crisis has emphasized the need to improve indoor air quality (IAQ) and ventilation in our buildings to reduce the risks of airborne virus transmission. All these challenges require a transformation of the existing building stock that at the same time achieves better IAQ and lowers environmental impact.

Ventilation challenges in a changing world

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The conference will consist of 3 parallel sessions largely devoted to:
Smart ventilation, IAQ and health; Building and ductwork airtightness; Ventilative cooling – Resilient cooling.


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